Game changer

Quantsyde is our flagship EA for the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platform, offering a comprehensive array of features to help you develop robust trading systems.

Quantsyde 4 & 5

Quantsyde is out flagship algorithmic development tool for the popular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, designed to help you build, test and deploy your own automated trading systems without writing a single line of code.

The problem

When trading algorithmically, automation is the consensus. It provides traders with accuracy, consistency and opportunity. The problem with automation is that there's very few easily accessible tools with the functionality needed to do it.


 Limited or no multi-asset testing

 Lacking in advanced functionality

 Expensive and overpriced

The solution

Quantsyde solves these problems. Quantsyde 4 & 5 provide advanced functionality to it's users in one simple subscription. No gimmicky names or extra costs, just a sophisticated tool with new, innovative features added through regular updates.


 Advanced multi-asset capabilities (Quantsyde 5)

 Innovative functionality, regularly updated

 Affordable, all-in-one solution

A feature-rich  solution

Quantsyde offers a wide array of features to suit a multitude of algorithmic trading styles.

Multi-asset analysis

Test multiple assets simultaneously, allowing you to optimize your strategy across an entire portfolio of instruments producing a single equity curve.

Multi-timeframe analysis

Build your system by analysing multiple timeframes concurrently. Quantsyde allows you to customize the timeframe for every part of your system be it entry, risk management and more...

Full exposure control

With Quantsyde you have complete control over your exposure. You can limit positions by percentage and even set a maximum total lot exposure; great for those trading for prop firms.

Custom metrics

Quantsyde has a multitude of custom performance metrics built in such as CAGR/MeanDD, Pearson's R and Equity Curve Straightness enabling you to accurately measure performance.

Session control

Control when your system trades with up to 3 daily trading sessions and the ability to close trades at the end of the sessions, the day or the week, allowing your system to trade during optimal hours.

Custom news filter

Quantsyde has one of the most advanced news filters around with users able to fully customize which news events they wish to filter from over 820 available events such as CPI, GDP and GDT

Dynamic risk oscillation

With 5 different oscillation functions each with 3 modes of application, Quantsyde offers one of the most advanced risk and exposure management features commercially available.

Volatility adaptation

Quantsyde has the ability to adapt your  algorithm based on the current volatility of the market so your system is ready for anything. Be it only part of it or the entire system, you have complete control. 

Advanced stop-loss control

There are two modes to stop-loss calculation; volatility based, which has 4 calculation methods all with full customization and anchor point control, and price based with 5 different modes. 

Candlestick patterns

Quantsyde currently offers 8 different candlestick patterns to use as both entry and exit triggers with full pattern requirement customization to trade only the perfect set ups.

Add custom indicators

Use your own custom indicators, with.full feature and logic customization. Quantsyde also gives users the ability to add 9 different types of moving averages and Bollinger Bands to any indicator.

Divergence, breakouts and more

Quantsyde offers over 40 modes of indicator logic interpretation for both directional and non-directional indicators including; two line cross, divergence, fractal and swing breakouts, zone crosses and more.

Advanced trailing stops

Trail your positions using either volatility or one of nine moving averages each with full start, step and parameter customization. Quantsyde also allows you to trail your account equity.

Built-in indicators

Quantsyde boast a wide array of built-in indicators such as; RSI, Stochastic, Linear Regression, MACD, Ichimoku, QQE, ADX, DPO and many more all with full feature and logic customization.

Position scaling

Quantsyde offers the ability to open up to 4 partial positions to scale out, each with full take profit control. You can also scale in to winning positions with full position size and stop-loss control,

Currency strength

When trading forex Quantsyde allows you to filter trades based on the currencies strength relative to others. Currency strength can be used to determine the performance on any timeframe.

Trade timing

Quantsyde offers full trade entry time control with the ability to enter at open or to enter at a user defined time before the current candle closes thus allowing your system to enter at optimal moment.

EVZ and more...

Quantsyde has even more features to offer such as using the CBOE Euro Volatility Index($EVZ) filtering, conditional probability estimation, single direction trading and more.

Full analytical capabilities 

Quantsyde allows you to take full advantage of MetaTrader 5's suite of analytics tools alongside it's own built in metrics.

 Advanced custom performance metrics

 Multi-dimensional results modelling

 Multi-threaded processing

 Custom symbol support and more

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The indicator pack

Quantsyde comes with a wide selection of indicators built-in. Many of them will already be installed as part of your MetaTrader 4 or 5 platform however there are some that are custom built indicators which will require installation. Download the pack to get started. If you get stuck just follow the guide in the user manual or watch the installation video here.

System requirements  

It's difficult to determine minimum system requirements for Quantsyde as it varies greatly dependent on how many symbols you're testing, the testing period and the modelling method. Free storage is also very important as the MetaTrader strategy tester will generate temporary tick data but there are too many user defined variables to provide an accurate estimate. The following system requirements are based on using M1 data over 10 years on 28 currency pairs.

 Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent

 1GB storage for installation

Single thread

 8GB Memory

Six threads

 24GB Memory

Twelve+ threads

 48GB+ Memory

Multi-threading only available on MT5

Get Quantsyde  today

Quantsyde 4 is designed for use with the popular MetaTrader 4 platform whereas Quantsyde 5 has been built for MetaTrader 5 and takes advantage of extra possibilities afforded to traders such as multi-asset testing. 

Quantsyde 4 Quantsyde 5
Platform MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 5
Multi-timeframe analysis
Multi-symbol analysis Live only Live and backtesting
Custom news filter Live and backtesting Live and backtesting
Session control
Dynamic risk oscillation
Built in indicators
Custom indicators
Advanced stop-loss control
Candlestick patterns
Currency strength filter
CBOE EVZ integration Live and backtesting Live and backtesting
Advanced risk management tools
Volatility adaptation
Exposure control
Custom performance metrics
Advanced trailing stop controls
Comprehensive result analytics Available in 5 only
Monthly £89 £89
Lifetime (one-off) £599 £599


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Quantsyde 5 is arguably the most powerful system building tool available for the MetaTrader 5 platform with a multitude of advanced features, incredible functionality and improved through constant innovation.

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