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Why use CTI Smart Money Concepts Indicators

SMC Indicators

Our SMC indicators are the only indicators in the market that are built based on ICT Concepts as the main source of information. Our SMC tools are based on years of studying and backtesting of ICT Material since 2017.

Turn Confusion
Into Clarity

Visualise any Smart Money Concept on charts and remove any guesswork from your trading. Our SMC Indicators transform any confusing concepts into crystal clear frameworks so you can focus on “Trading” and not guessing.

Automating Smart Money Concepts

Simplicity in

We removed all the randomness of Smart Money Concepts and put them into logical steps so you can trade following a process-oriented. Trades that follow a consistent process have proven to be consistently profitable in the long term.

All The Smart Money Concepts
Indicators You need

Kill Zones (free)

High probability trades form during specific times of the day. Use our free Kill Zones Indicators to anticipate when market volatility will kick in and trade during high-probability time zones.

ICT Kill Zones Indicator using Smart Money Concepts

Market Structure

The only Market Structure Indicator that identifies Shifts and Breaks in Market Structure as a signal to change in the trend.

Identify Long Term, Intermediate Term, and Short Term price swings to form a clear idea of the most significant highs and lows.

Market Structure Indicator - Smart Money Concepts Indicators

Fair Value Gaps ( Coming Soon )

Identify all significant FVGs that matter to get accurate entries and exits after breaks in Market Structure. Identify potential Flip Zones and use them to reverse trade ideas when the original trade idea is wrong.

Fair Value Gaps Indicator - Smart Money Concepts Indicators

Order Blocks ( Coming Soon )

Identify all significant zones of high-probability trades to embark on trend continuation trades. We highlight High Probability Order Blocks so that you only choose the Order Blocks with the highest potential for reward.

Order Block Indicator - Smart Money Concepts Indicators

SMT Divergence ( Coming Soon )

Trade with the Institutional Order Flow by identifying specific signals in 2 correlated assets that will give extra confirmation for trade direction when in line with the Recent Market Structure trend.

SMT Divergence Indicator - Smart Money Concepts Indicators

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*We’re excited to have you experience our SMC indicators. Over the next 7 days, if it’s not the best fit, simply reach out! We’ll happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.


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Is there a Trial period to use the indicators?

We don't offer a free trial. However, we offer a 100% Refund within the first 7 days after your payment if you don't like our SMC indicator bundle. No questions asked.

On what platforms are the SMC indicators available?

At the moment, we have started offering all the SMC indicators on Tradingview only because we believe it's easiest to use them on Tradingview. However, we will also add MT5 and MT4 versions soon. Please register your interest here so we can email you once we have the MT4/MT5 versions available.

Are these the only indicators you are offering?

At the moment, we have a unique market structure indicator that you won't find elsewhere and a Killzone indicator.

However, we are currently working on adding new indicators, which we will give you access to included within your existing subscription. 

Our next indicators will be Power of 3, FVG, Order Block, and SMT Divergence indicators and many more to come.

If you have any special requests on other specific SMC, please contact us via support, and we are more than happy to look into it for our next releases.